Two Teenagers Threatening To Carry Out Shooting In Texas Preschool May Be Traveling Through Amarillo


Two teenagers are said to have threatened to shoot up a preschool in Texas and may be going through Amarillo in a stolen vehicle.

Authorities in Lander, Wyoming, informed police throughout Texas that two 16-year-old boys, who have stolen weapons and in a stolen vehicle, may be on their way to League City, close to Houston.

They are said to have texted a friend regarding “shooting up a preschool in Texas.”

Although the most efficient route would lead them through Amarillo, authorities in that city say that no specific preschool was named. However, the police department is taking the necessary precautions.

The suspects have been identified as Quitin Wyrick and Otis Edlund. They are traveling in a white 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle that contains a black top. It also has a black stripe down the side and Wyoming license plates.

Authorities ask that if you see the suspects or the car to call 911.

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