Video About Livonia Prom Revenge Murder Is Fake News


A video surfacing all over TikTok regarding a Michigan man killing a police officers daughter on prom night, as a revenge murder, is said to be false.

According to reports the video states that a man named Douglass Barnes, from Livonia Michigan, killed Samantha McCaffery after the Livonia High School prom. It says Barnes killed Samantha for revenge after her father, Mike McCaffery, killed Barnes son several years ago.

Livonia police said all of the information was determined to be false and completely made up. In fact the video was posted by an account full of other AI generated content.

Not only is the information false but there is no school name Livonia High School in Michigan nor is there a man named Douglass Barnes, Livonia police said.

Earlier this month TikTok said it would start labeling its AI generated content.

With the level of AI generated content it is very important to check its source and also make sure the source is reliable.

Fake news isn’t the only thing being AI generated nowadays it’s also allowing scammers to mimic voices and trick people into thinking they are speaking to loved ones and businesses.

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