Video: Desoto Teacher Placed On Leave After Getting Into An Altercation With A Student And Choking Him Out


Desoto police are investigating after a video surfaced on social media showing an altercation between a student and teacher.

The video was recorded by a student at Desoto high school and it showed a teacher holding a student against a pillar outside the school with his hands around his neck.

Moments later you see the student fall to the ground, get back up and the teacher walking away towards the parking lot.

The teacher has since been placed on leave.

It is still unclear what led up to the altercation. Desoto ISD and police are investigating the incident.

Desoto ISD released a statement saying:

The District is aware of the incident involving a staff member and a student which was recorded and published on social media. Promptly upon becoming aware of this incident, the District took the necessary steps required in accordance with Board policy. Concurrently, an investigation has been initiated, in cooperation with the DeSoto Police Department.

In accordance with Board policy and legal requirements, the District is conducting its own comprehensive investigation into this matter. Our primary focus remains the welfare and safety of our students, and we are committed to taking appropriate measures based on the findings of our investigation. Due to the nature of this being a personnel issue, the District is not at liberty to disclose further details regarding individual personnel matters. We assure our community that we are dedicated to maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all students.”


  1. Had I decided to become a teacher, I would’ve probably choked out 200 of those little b’s by now. Teachers are being disrespected and parents treat them like babysitters.

    1. Yes, thats why im no longer a teacher cause I would be in jail.I wouldn’t tolerate it…its these rules the law have now, thats why these kids act the way they do..but when you call the law on them its nothing done..

    2. Some patents hate when school is out. Now they have the whole day to be all they needs to be….

  2. Discipline should’ve been done at home by the parents.. the teachers dont get paid nearly enough to put up with undisciplined assholes cuz their parents just let them run wild..

  3. These kids are out of control! Bad azz kids need some disciple. yougot defend yourself behind these kids

  4. The sad part is people are upset with the teacher but he hasnt been arrested so it really makes me want to know what the kid did that made the teacher respond in the way he did. That may be a student, but these kids forget their place and act like heathens daily with these teachers. Most of the teachers are gen x and millennials and incase you have forgotten they dont put up with disrespectful people in any way and have zero fuks to give for their hurt feelings.

  5. Ok and whats the problem here? These teachers are completely fed up and some parents are not soing their part to raise their kids. Teachers are not babysitters!

  6. When you take the job you know you can’t put your hands on a child regardless or yoy will lose uour job and go yo jail just get another kind of jon not working with kids

  7. Theses kids act as if they are owed something and do fell the pressure unless you lay hands and they cry wolf… the Board, District, Principals and Teachers are scared of the patents, the parents scared of the children, thats why we cant discipline our children anymore, they are getting paid for the head count. Anything to keep the children in class….. ( board) KISS THEIR ASS SO THEY ( children) CAN KICK WHOSE EVER…. Im done

  8. He damn near killed that student which is somebody’s chikd the baby fell neaning he was out for a sec and hit his head now if he had died it would ifbeen something totally diff call his oarents and let them fo that his butt could of broke his neck there is just nothing he could of said that bad to dang near die. Kids bad we all was bad just not as but dang we was not perfect talked backed nawl he has to begone he could of been upset for some of his on problems you even here the kid say chill like not this serious then when he notice yhe boy recording he say don’t threaten me i

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