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Will Stevie J Accept Joseline Hernandez Wedding Proposal??


Although it’s been a rough year for the two with Joseline having baby “Bonnie Bella” and awaiting DNA results the two have managed to make the most of it.
Stevie J has made it clear that he wants to be a part of his daughters life and will do what it takes but I don’t think he was ready for what Joseline had in mind. Although he has asked the Puerto Rican princess to move back into his home she has some stipulations before she makes that move.
Joseline Hernandez has asked Stevie to marry her again so that they can raise their daughter together and Stevie J has yet to give her a response. He told her to apologize to his other daughters first and they would go from there. Joseline did so and that didn’t turn out to well because her and Stevie J’a oldest daughter got into a verbal altercation that almost turned physical.
Although Stevie walked out to go check on his daughter it is unclear whether the two will make it official.

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