Woman Arrested After Knocking Officer Unconscious


A Georgia woman is in custody after she brutally assaulted a police officer Friday afternoon.

According to reports, authorities attempted to pull Alexus Henry, 21 over for multiple traffic violations.

Henry pulled into a residence on the 2700 block of Blan Street, exited her vehicle and attempted to walk into the residence ignoring the officers commands.

The officer followed Henry into the residence where she was punched in the head and face by Henry.

Henry then tried to leave the residence and while trying to leave the officer attempted to place her under arrest. Henry punched the officer in the head and face again, this time knocking her unconscious.

As she tried to leave the residence other officers arrived. Henry then tried to barricade herself inside a bedroom.

Officers were able to make entry into the bedroom and place her under arrest.

While handcuffed Henry spat on an officer and kicked another in the face.

She was taken into custody and charged with two counts of obstruction, two counts of battery, three counts of simple battery on a law enforcement officer, speeding and no seat belt violation.


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