Woman Arrested In Plano After Dispute At Apartment Pool Leads To Shooting


On Monday, authorities say that a woman was shot by another woman, close to the swimming pool of an apartment complex, following an argument.

39-year-old Brandi Morris has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the shooting of another woman close to midnight on Saturday, June 8.

Authorities in Plano say that officers answered to a call in the 7100 block of Chase Oaks Boulevard. When they arrived to the location, they discovered that there was a verbal disagreement between Morris and the other woman.

Police think that the disagreement resulted in the shooting in which Morris is said to have gotten a firearm and shot the victim in the lower part of her body. Someone else at the location was able to get the gun away from Morris.

First responders at the scene provided medical assistance to the victim, and she was transported to a medical facility.

Morris was apprehended by authorities and placed into jail.

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