Woman Blows Up Urine Sample Inside 7 Eleven Microwave


A Colorado Woman was given a ticket after a urine sample exploded in 7 Eleven microwave.
Reports say Angelique Sanchez,26, walked into a 7 Eleven located off 3200 Chambers Rd in Aurora and placed a container in the microwave. A few seconds later an employee says they heard a loud noise and when they walked over they saw Sanchez removing a white container that appeared to be and smelled like an urine sample.
The store clerk says he confronted Sanchez and asked her to clean up the mess and she wiped the yellow liquid onto the floor and walked out the store. Soon after the police were called out and when they arrived they found Sanchez at a nearby clinic waiting to take a urinalysis for a future job she had applied for.
The woman was issued a $500 summons for property damage to the store.

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