Woman Fatally Shoots Another Woman After Catching Her In Bed With Her Child’s Father


31-year-old Michelle Silas, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide. This comes after she found the father of her children engaged in sexual relations with another woman.

Authorities say that the 22-year-old woman was found fatally shot on Monday, September 11, at around 6 a.m.

Police say that when they arrived on the scene, Silas told them that she shot the woman that was upstairs. This all took place as their children were asleep in the residence.

“I came home, he was having sex with her. I was watching him, I was like how could you do this?…just angry…yelling at him. He started hitting me,” Silas stated. She also said that she didn’t mean to shoot the woman.

Authorities questioned the man, as well. He said that he had asked Silas to join him and the other woman in their sexual acts. Afterwards, he continued to have sex with the other woman as Silas watched.

Silas is then accused of shooting the other woman in the back of the head. The man stated that this led to his penis being bitten and made him jump up and begin to yell. Silas then took her three children and left the residence.

Officers were in the vicinity dealing with another matter when they heard the noise and saw the man all naked and bloody. He was screaming telling Silas not to leave the scene as he held the weapon she had used in his hands.

The man then put the firearm down, and Silas got out of her van to tell authorities what had occurred.

The woman who died has been identified as Destiny Carter. She was found in a bedroom with two gunshot injuries to the head. She died at the scene.

The man was transported to a medical facility and treated for non life threatening injuries.


  1. Your life is worth more than this. People do things without thinking of the consequences. Prayers goes out to the families

    1. Now you going to prison away form your kids for a long long time and your husband ìs still going to be with others womens your freedom is gone

  2. God have mercy on her soul. And forgive her for being so angry that she aloud the devil to control her mind. And cover her poor children who will now be without their mother. Mental illness is a problem not excusing what has taken place here he was as mentally disturbed as she was.

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