Woman Moves Into Dallas Senior Living Home With Her Mother

PhotoCredit: WFAA

In December, Cheryl Wright decided to move in with her 90-year-old mother, Elisabeth. This is at a senior living community.

The one-bedroom apartment at the Preston of the Park Cities has a high-top balcony view that looks over Dallas and is where all the flights coming in and out of Love Field can be seen. The balcony also contains an area where the pair can listen to music and dance each day.

“When I say I’m living in assisted living, obviously, I’m here with my mom,” stated Wright, giggling. “I think this is kinda like the Golden Girls.”

Back in October, Elisabeth had fallen and had to have a partial hip replacement. Wright stated that she didn’t want to leave her mother by herself and that the decision to move in came swiftly.

She believed that staying close would help her mother, who is originally from Germany, in receiving the best possible care. Wright also noted that every since the move has happened, her mother has been happier. To add, her anxiety and depression that normally comes when she leaves her mother and the facility, does not happen anymore.

“She’s always given a lot of love. I’m just returning that love,” Wright expressed.

Wright says that she is following in the footsteps of her military father. He believed in ‘rising to the occasion.’ Thus, Wright packed all of her own things into storage but still has her main home. She takes her mother to as many activities as she can, like Tai Chi, at the Preston of the Park Cities.

“She emphasizes that caring for her mother here doesn’t feel like a burden. Instead, it’s an opportunity for quality time filled with enriching activities. From morning fitness classes and pet therapy sessions to outings at private malls and museums, Cheryl and her mother are inseparable companions, sharing every moment together,” a statement from the Preston read.

Cheryl also recognizes her siblings who have played a vital role in making the move-in possible. She says that she’ll stay as long as she can to enjoy the moments with her mother.

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