Woman Taken Into Custody After Bugs, Trash And 300 Rodents Were Found Inside Home With Child


Authorities found a child and several animals living in deplorable conditions including bugs, trash, and fecal matter. Now, a woman has been taken into custody.

On Wednesday, police responded to a call at the residence of Shannon Morgan, 38, in regards to animal cruelty accusations.

When the Citrus County, Florida, police arrived to the location, they noticed a peculiar odor of ammonia. They also discovered multiple cages and glass aquariums containing snakes and rodents. Multiple rats and rodents were also found spread around the residence.

Police added that the animals hadn’t been taken care of and that fecal matter and urine had caused the roaches and insects.

Police also found trash, dirty dishes, and old food all around the residence, leading to more bugs.

In one room, a ferret and a dog were discovered together in a cage that was too little for them. Then, a child was discovered in another room on the floor with trash and bugs surrounding it and a mattress.

Blood was also found in one area due to one of the cats eating a rat.

Close to 50 rats were found in cages, and 300 rats were just running around.

Many dogs, cats, a ferret, and other animals were taken out of the home.

Morgan has been apprehended on 12 counts of animal cruelty and one count of child neglect with bond totaled at $26,000.



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