Video: Woman Walks Away From Scene After Dragging Boyfriend Through Gas Station, Overturning Vehicle


On Sunday, a driver overturned her SUV as she tried to leave the scene of a crash in Forest Park, Illinois.

Authorities say that it all started when Kendra Nance got into a disagreement at Thornton’s gas station, and it involved other customers, as well.

A recording of the occurrence shows Nance hitting a van that was parked, and dragging a man, her boyfriend, while almost striking two women at the same time.

A witness stated that Nance had gotten upset because Nance had heard someone laughing at her. They added that the two women were throwing bottles at the man, woman, and car. Nance then threatened to run them over, but the two women didn’t think she would do it, the witness added.

However, police say that after that, Nance intentionally wrecked her SUV in the gas station. She then struck a van and attempted to get away, but her vehicle was struck and overturned. Nance was then seen getting out of the SUV and walking away from the crash.

Authorities later cleared the wreckage, and the incident is still under investigation.

Nance is facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault and reckless driving.


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