You Can Now Use SNAP/EBT Payments For DoorDash


SNAP/EBT payments are now available in a few areas and at certain stores only. Choosing the Payment section and the store in a Doordash account can show if SNAP/EBT payments can be used.

DoorDash has noted that individuals can send an email to and send the email address that is linked to their DoorDash account to find out when other locations will offer SNAP/EBT.

SNAP participants are able to use their SNAP benefits on some items from participating locations by putting a SNAP/EBT card on their DoorDash account. The items that are eligible include fresh produce, meat, pantry staples, and others.

The process works by a customer adding their SNAP/EBT card by going to the account tab, then Payment Methods, and  Account Settings. Then, the participant must input the SNAP/EBT card number to secure it as a payment option.

Shopping for eligible grocery products on the SNAP/EBT card would come next. After that, participants would search for locations and products with a SNAP label to shop eligible products at participating locations.

At checkout, participants must choose the option to ‘Apply SNAP Amount’ and input the amount to be charged to the SNAP/EBT card.

It is noted that participants will still have to pay non-SNAP eligible products in their cart. They will also have to pay any fees, taxes, and any tip. This can be done through other payment options, like a debit or credit card.


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