Young Midlothian Girl Run Over By Car During Attempted Carjacking


A teen has been charged by authorities in Louisiana in relation to a carjacking that resulted in a 9-year-old Midlothian, Texas, girl being run over. That child has been hospitalized.

Reports note that Shelby Ayers-Wiedemann, her two siblings, and their dad were driving from Midlothian to Florida for a cheer competition. On Tuesday morning, they had stopped at a truck stop along I-20, in Minden, Louisiana.

Authorities say that the two older siblings had gotten back to the car first as Shelby and her father were still in the store. Then, an attempted carjacker got in the driver’s seat and tried to drive away. The father and Shelby then ran out to the car.

The carjacker’s partner, who was in another stolen vehicle, observed what was happening and ran over Shelby, as he was trying to get his accomplice so that they could leave the scene.

Shelby was transported by air to a medical facility in Shreveport after suffering several broken ribs and a laceration to the head.

Hours after the incident, a 16-year-old was apprehended. Authorities are still searching for the other suspect but believe they have identified him.

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