$1 Billion In Counterfeit Designer Goods Confiscated In Biggest Bust In U.S. History


Thousands of knock-off designer handbags and shoes, worth more than $1 billion, have been seized by federal agents and the NYPD. This is now the largest bust in U.S. history.

The huge raid happened inside of a storage facility in Manhattan, New York. This is where close to 219,000 fake bags, clothes, shoes, and other luxury items were seized.

Images released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office reveals shelves and a floor area packed with faux designer bags counterfeiting different brands as another area was fully filled with other bags and more clothes hanging from pipes.

In another picture, a storage area was seen with many unopened boxes on pallets.

38-year-old Adama Sow and 48-year-old Abdulai Jalloh were taken into custody on Wednesday. They have been charged with trafficking in counterfeit goods. They could receive up to 10 years in prison.

They are accused of using the storage facility as a distribution area for the huge amount of knock-off designer items. They are also said to have run the operation for the first 10 months of 2023.

“Today’s indictments show how seriously the NYPD and our federal partners take this offense, and we will continue to work hard to hold accountable anyone who seeks to benefit by selling such items on the black market.”

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