6-Year-Old Texas Boy Dies After Neighbor Beat Him With A Baseball Bat


6-year-old Jeremy Diaz, of Georgetown, Texas, has now died after being beaten by his neighbor with a baseball bat in September.

His father noted that he had been improving and was set to be extubated prior to things taking a turn for the worse. He added that the young boy had a “neural storm,” that hadn’t happened before, leading to his heart stopping. He couldn’t be revived.

Records show that on September 11, Jeremy sustained several wounds after being attacked with the baseball bat.

Daniel Logan, 39, Jeremy’s neighbor, was named as the suspect. When the attack happened, Logan had been charged with injury to a child and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Logan is also accused of striking his mother in the face with the bat, lacerating her forehead, wounding her eye, and knocking out a tooth.

She is now recovering.


  1. What the hell, he kill this child. They need to put ass under the jail or life with no parole this is so sad and cruel of this monster so sad for the parents

  2. The only appropriate punishment for this us to beat this 39 year old with a baseball bat until he dies! Start making the punishment fit the crime and maybe people will think twice before they take the life of another!

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