10 Year Old Wisconsin Girl Accused Of Killing Infant Inside Daycare


A 10 year old girl in Wisconsin has been charged with first degree homicide with intent after she allegedly dropped and then stomped on an infants head at a daycare.
According to authorities they received a call from a daycare in Tilden on October 30 stating that a 6 month old baby boy was bleeding from his head and unresponsive.
When authorities arrived the infant was transported to a hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota where he later died on November 1.
The 10 year old admitted to authorities that she was holding the baby and dropped him. She said she panicked once the baby started crying and that’s when she stomped on his head.
The girl and her parents appeared in an adult Chippewa County Circuit Court Monday morning and she is being held on a $50,000 cash bond.


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