12 Year Old Girl Hospitalized After Attempting Fire Challenge


A 12 year old Detroit girl has been hospitalized after attempting to do the Fire Challenge with some friends.
According to reports Timiyah Landers,12 was home hanging with some friends and her mother Brandi Owens said she made the girls some pancakes and went to her room once she was done. Owens told authorities about 10 to 15 minutes later she and her fiancé heard a loud boom and that’s when they saw her daughter running down the hall on fire from her knees to her hair.
Owens fiancé helped put Landers in the bathtub and spray water on her to put the fire out. Once they were able to get the fire out they rushed Landers to a nearby hospital where she has been hospitalized in intensive care with almost half her body severely burned.
Owens says her daughter and friends got the challenge from YouTube.
YouTube spokesperson spoke out saying that they have policies that prohibit videos like the Fire Challenge, Tide Pod Challenge and Boiling Water Challenge. They prohibit any content that’s intended to encourage dangerous activities. They also said it can be hard keeping up with and flagging all videos and are encouraging parents to monitor their children’s activities.


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