12-Year-Old Girl Steals Father’s Vehicle And Travels With Friend To Meet Online Predator


This past weekend, authorities said that a 12-year-old girl from Florida, Jade Gregory, took her father’s Ford Taurus and went to get her 14-year-old friend, Khloe Larson. She then traveled to Louisiana to meet up with an online predator.

Seemingly, the two girls had been talking to the person online and decided to go meet in person.

Authorities say that a Missing Child Alert went out to multiple states and that the children willingly drove the five hours after leaving their residences.

After seeing themselves on television in a store located in Alabama, the girls chose to turn themselves in.

The FBI has now gotten involved in the matter and is looking into the person who they think the girls were going to see. They want to know if the kids were persuaded to take the trip by a possible child sex trafficker.

The girls have now been returned to their relatives in Florida.

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