16-Year-Old High School Student Dies Attempting To Save Children From Strong Currents At Beach


A 16-year-old has lost his life after attempting to rescue multiple children.

Bryce Brooks, of Georgia, had jumped into the ocean, close to Pensacola, Florida, after four small children had been swept into a strong current at the beach. Brooks did not know the other kids.

Reports also indicate that a family friend, Charles Johnson, tried to help Bryce; however, the current caught him, as well, and he went under. Johnson was a father of three.

Officials say that there were very strong currents last weekend and yellow flags had been flying to alert people of the conditions of the water. The flag indicated that beginning swimmers shouldn’t try to enter the water.

In total, four children and three adults had to be rescued.

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  1. So sad he lost his life but he will forever be remembered as a hero. Sending my condolences to his family and friends. May you rest im peace young man!!

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