14 Year Old Football Recruit Is 6’1, 295 lbs


Tyler Parker, 14, is a rising sophomore, in high school, with a body built like an NFL player.

Parker is a student at Santa Margarita High School in California, and weighs 300 pounds which is mostly muscle.

Reports note that he can bench press 185 pounds 25 times, is able to deadlift 415 pounds, and can run a 4.9 40-yard dash.

Because of all this, Parker has already been given a scholarship offer from the Arizona Wildcats.

When many in the football world got a glimpse of the 14-year-old’s physique, they commented on Twitter.

“14 years old, looking like Rambo,” said Matt DeBary.

“This dude looks at least 30,” tweeted Antwan Staley.

Since he is so young, Parker will have to wait a while to make a huge difference on a college football team.

Good luck to those high schoolers who will have to play against him for the next three seasons.


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