14 Year Old Killed, Another Child Injured After A Vehicle Strikes A Bicycle


A 14 year old was killed and another child was injured after a vehicle struck them while they were riding their bike in Heartland, Texas.

The incident happened Monday, shortly after 6 p.m., when Crandall police, Kaufman Sheriffs and CareFlite responded to a call regarding a vehicle striking a teen on a bicycle.

Authorities and emergency crews arrived to the 4400 block of FM 741, near Heartland Parkway. The 14 year old was pronounced dead at the scene and the other child was transported to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas with non life threatening injuries.

During the investigation authorities learned that the child was bicycling with the 14 year old riding on the rear pegs of the bike, in a northbound lane.

A black Lexus was also traveling in the northbound lane when it struck the back of the bicycle. The driver of the vehicle stopped to render aid and called police.

The driver was questioned at the scene and released.

The investigation remains ongoing.



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