Wanted Man Found Vactioning In Disney World After Being On The Run For A Year


32-year-old Quashon Burton had been on the run from authorities for a year before he was found at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Burton, from Brooklyn, New York, has been charged with scamming the government out of COVID-19 relief money. He had been on a family vacation at Disney World when a federal agent, who signed his arrest warrant, was there, too, and spotted him.

U.S. Postal Inspector Jeff Andre was walking around Animal Kingdom when he noticed a familiar “H” tattooed on Burton’s neck. He then notified Disney World security and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office who apprehended Burton.

The incident occurred on October 20, at the park, in Orlando, Florida. When Burton had exited the park, sheriff’s deputies approached him at a bus stop with two relatives. They took him into custody when he supposedly attempted to resist arrest and didn’t provide his real name.

Last year, Burton was charged with taking the identity of at least 4 individuals to fraudulently get close to $150,000 from coronavirus relief applications.

Authorities say that an arrest warrant was issued for Burton last November. This was subsequent to federal agents going to his residence multiple times in Brooklyn. His mother disclosed to officers then that Burton wasn’t planning on turning himself in.


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