Bear Attacks Woman After Her Dog Chased A Cub Up A Tree


On Friday, game wardens were searching for a female bear that mauled a woman on Wednesday at her place of residence, close to Stratton Mountain Resort, in Winhall Vermont.

“She’s very lucky,” stated Lt. Jason Gravelle, from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. He was referring to Sarah Dietl who experienced non-life threatening wounds during the attack.

The attack started on Wednesday evening when Dietl, 43, opened her condo’s door to let her pet dog out. The dog had gone after a bear cub, up a tree. The mother of the cub then went after Dietl, pushing her onto the ground, mauling her.

Dietl’s partner heard her plea for help and assisted her. He was able pull Dietl from the bear and into the residence.

The animal had finally backed away after being screamed at or hit with a flashlight or both. When the couple went to let the dog back inside, the bear charged the door but was unsuccessful at getting into the home. After calling authorities, police, firefighters, and game wardens went to the location.

Dietl was transported to a medical facility that same evening. She experienced injuries to her head, hand, and side and was released on Thursday.

At the time of the reporting, the bear still hadn’t been found. Groundskeepers at the close by ski resort had been monitoring the area. They had found that some pumpkins, that attract bears, were found to be chewed up by what is believed to be bears. These animals may be extremely hungry this year because of the decrease in the crops, acorns and beechnuts.


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