14-Year-Old Shoots And Kills Sister During Dispute About Christmas Presents


A 14-year-old has been taken into custody and charged for fatally shooting his sister during a disagreement over their Christmas presents.

23-year-old Abrielle Baldwin died on Sunday after her 14-year-old brother Damarcus shot her in the chest at their grandmother’s residence. Afterwards, their other brother 15-year-old Darcus, shot Damarcus, prior to running away from the scene.

Damarcus and Abrielle were taken to a medical facility where he was listed in stable condition, but his sister was declared deceased.

While investigating, authorities learned that all three siblings had gone Christmas shopping with their mother and Abrielle’s two small children.

When they arrived to their grandmother’s residence, they began a dispute over the gifts.

Abrielle had told Damarcus to quit arguing because it was Christmas, and he told her that he would shoot her and her 11-month-old baby whom she was holding. Then, in fact, he did shoot her in the chest as she held the baby.

Darcus then shot Damarcus because he shot Abrielle, and then he fled the location, throwing the gun he had in the yard.

Reports indicate that Damarcus was angry because Darcus had more presents than him.

After leaving the location, Darcus called his mother and was later transported to a mental health facility after making statements about hurting himself. When he is released, he will be taken to the Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center in Florida.

Damarcus has now been charged with first-degree murder, child abuse, and delinquent in possession of a firearm.

Darcus has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and tampering with physical evidence.

An investigation is on-going.


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