17 Year Old Teen Killed By Her Older Abusive Boyfriend


A 17 year old girl was shot and killed by her ex boyfriend in Dayton, Ohio.
According to reports LaShonda Child’s,17 had tried ending her relationship with former boyfriend Trendell Goodwin,28 back in February when he hit her in the face and bit her on the shoulder. Child’s family says he was arrested for the assault but only served 19 of the 180 days he was given. Child’s filed a restraining order against Goodwin but her mom says it did no good because he was constantly calling, making threatening comments on social media and had even shot up their home.
Tuesday afternoon before the shooting Child’s called 911 dispatch and told them he was there, she was scared and that he had a gun. When police arrived they found her lying there with a gun shot wound. They quickly transported her to Grandview Medical Center where she died early Wednesday morning.
Goodwin was picked up Tuesday evening and taken into Montgomery County Jail where he was being held on felony assault charges. Investigators will review the case for possible murder charges against Goodwin.


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