Father Says Lancaster ISD Teacher Body Slammed Teen Daughter While Trying To Break Up A Fight


A Lancaster Texas father says his daughter was slammed by a teacher during a fight and wants answers from school officials.
Caster Chatman says his 15 year old daughter got into a physical altercation with another student at Lancaster High School about two weeks ago but they are just now seeing the video that has been circulating around social media.
Chatman says when u watch the video seconds in you see a teacher grab his daughter from behind and slam her to the ground while you see another student being restrained but not slammed by a different teacher. The family is lookin for answers and says that is definitely not the way you break up a fight between two young ladies.
Lancaster spokeswoman S.Cole Hamilton said “while the video doesn’t show the beginning of the incident in question, we do know that the teacher verbally instructed the students to stop and they ignored his direction”.
School officials are backing up the teacher saying they believe he used reasonable force to intervene and also said if you look closely at the video that the teacher used his arm a protective barrier to support the student before she touched the ground. They do not believe the teacher violated any policies.
Chatman has since transferred his daughter to a different school and asking administrators to investigate more into this case.


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