19-Year-Old Motorcyclist Fatally Struck By Teen In Stolen Kia


A 19-year-old was killed after he was hit by a teen who was fleeing from officers in a stolen car in North Houston.

On Monday, at about 2:08 a.m., on I-45, close to Gulfbank Road, officers saw two cars street racing.

An officer got onto the highway and requested backup. When the suspect observed the officer, he began to accelerate, going over 100 mph.

The officer chased the suspect, who was driving a Kia, as he finally exited at FM-1960. Eventually, the suspect ran through a red light and struck Andres Sorto, who was riding on a motorcycle. The suspect continued on for about a half of a mile before the Kia came to halt, appearing to stop due to the damage done to the vehicle.

The first officer had stopped chasing the suspect in order to perform CPR on Sorto.

At the same time, another officer went after the suspect who had begun to flee on foot when the Kia had stopped. A little while after that, the suspect was caught.

Police believe that the Kia was stolen on Sunday night or early Monday morning.

The suspect was transported to a medical facility with minor wounds. An investigation is continuing, but he could face felony murder charges. The suspect is noted as being a teenager, but his exact age hasn’t been disclosed.

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