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19 -year-old sentenced to 30 years by Rockwall County Jury

Rockwall County Jail

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Rockwall County Jail

Nevan Lydens was charged with murder for shooting a man at a Rowlett gas station.

Police arrived at the Valero gas station at Lakeview Parkway and Scenic Drive,  on  March 30, where they found the victim, who had been shot several times.

The victim was rushed to a hospital in critical condition but later, died from their injuries. The suspect was later identified and located at a McDonald’s where he was arrested.

On May 4, 2023, in Rockwall County, Lyden was convicted of Murder.

The jury listened to a jail call between  the defendant and his girlfriend where he said that he knew he had shot the victim five times and bragged about how he “didn’t miss.”  He also stated that  he was close enough to the victim to “smell his breath.”

The jury deliberated for less than two hours. That same jury, later, rejected Lyden’s claim of sudden passion and returned a sentence of thirty years in prison.

“The Rowlett Police Department and the Wylie Police Department should be commended for the team effort that led to the killer being arrested within an hour and a half of the shooting.  The evidence that was collected by the officers led to a very tight case for prosecutors,” said ADA Kim Judin.  “Thankfully, our county does not have the violent crime that is seen in other nearby areas, but hopefully the jury’s sentence will send a message that, here, even younger murderers will go to prison for a long time.”

“This case should emphasize the dangers of the drug trade,” said Rockwall County District Attorney Kenda Culpepper.  “The victim, in this case, took a marijuana drug transaction too far and lost his life as a result.  Drug dealers, even the young ones, are often dangerous and violent individuals with little regard for life.  This defendant executed someone in broad daylight at a public gas station in our community.  Take notice.”

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  1. That’s still not enough time he murder this young man he took a life. He’s still here his family can go and visit him. This should be life in prison without the possible on parole.

  2. Awesome amazing great good he need life but 30okbeat he smelling lots of breath and sweaty balls

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