2-Year-Old Boy Placed In An Induced Coma After Being Beaten By Intoxicated Babysitter


2-year-old Giovanni Reichert is fighting for his life after he was severely beaten by his drunken babysitter who his mother thought was her friend.

Since being in the care of 25-year-old McKinley Hernandez on September 1, Giovanni has undergone multiple life-saving surgeries. This includes having to have a portion of his skull removed.

It isn’t exactly known what occured with the toddler on that evening as Hernandez hasn’t confessed to any wrongdoings. She has only told Giovanni’s mother that she had been consuming alcohol, and he had been injured in her care.

Stephanie, the young child’s mother, says that Hernandez contacted her just a little while after she dropped off Giovanni. Hernandez stated that she was headed to a hospital because the toddler had become unresponsive after a bath.

Giovanni had been airlifted to a medical facility and required emergency surgery due to a brain bleed. Part of this included having a section of his skull removed.

Afterwards, Giovanni was intubated, placed in an induced coma, and had several other operations.

Records show that Hernandez took care of other children, as well, inside of her unlicensed child care business inside of her residence.

She has been taken into custody on a suspicion of child abuse-cruelty to a child offense. Her bail was set at $100,000.

As of now, Giovanni’s mother says he is still battling a fever, a swollen-shut eye, and pains. She added that community support has aided tremendously through this difficult time.


  1. She would have neen in a coma too. People are just sick. Don’t put her in jail, put her on the state line and let the mothers handle her! Batter up

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