Video: Rowlett High School teacher lets the students know that he is “tired of being disrespected”


Rowlett High School teacher lets the students know that he is “tired of being disrespected”


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  2. Wow, not at the teacher however, at the students and their behavior. This kid is still running his mouth at the teacher. When a teacher is fed up

  3. Cassandra naw these teacher’s tired nd been tired! It’s long over due that these new generation of kids so so Disrespectful nd these laws telling parents how who what when nd where on how to discipline the kids that belong to nd having to raise them with just basic talk to discipline DONT always cut it. These kids today DONT have fear thats a good fear to have knowing yr gonna get an ASH WHOOPING FOR BEING DISRESPECTFUL! Its alright for the system to punish our kids but the parents can’t without getting in trouble or kids pressing charges against they’re on parent?!!!!! Nd the whole time let the system physically harm them or even kill them while in their custody but yet nothing will be done to them ppl?!!! So naw. Not these poor kids. Its these poor teachers!

  4. and we all know that it starts at home these parents meed to take control of thier kids its not the teachers cause the kids know that the teachers cant paddle them thats why theu do it

  5. This is just another example of what the Rowlett school system has become. The city is being overrun with cheap housing and apartments.

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