3 People Arrested In Texas After Allegedly Blowing Fentanyl Smoke on Newborn In Hopes of Soothing Her Cry


According to law enforcement, three individuals from Texas allegedly blew fentanyl smoke into the face of a 19-day-old baby in an attempt to soothe her cries.

The incident took place outside the Frontier Inn & Suites on January 25th. This is where the group, consisting of Robert Lee Mason Jr., Jennifer Trevino, Aracely Daniella Rocha, and the newborn, were staying, as reported by the New York Post.

Authorities from the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office discovered fentanyl in the suspects’ vehicle and inside the baby’s diaper bag.

Upon searching the suspects’ hotel room, officers encountered thick smoke and had to wear masks for protection. The children were subsequently placed in the care of Child Protective Services.

Mason Jr., 33, Trevino,32 and Rocha,22 were arrested and are facing second degree felony child endangerment charges. Rocha was also charged with possession of fentanyl and amphetamine.

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