5 Police Officers Fired After Investigation Reveals Sexual Relationships Between Them


After an investigation was conducted, multiple La Vergne, Tennessee, police officers were found to have been having sex with each other. Some of the incidents occured while they were working and inside of city-owned property, authorities say.

On Dec.12,  a probe began subsequent to Mayor Jason Cole obtaining information that Officer Maegan Hall was having intimate dealings with other officers in the department. Those other officers included Lewis Powell, Patrick Magliocco, Larry Holladay, Seneca Shields, and Juan Lugo-Perez.

All of the men confessed to having secret sexual relationships with Hall. To add, Shields stated that Hall performed oral sex on him as they were on-duty inside the gym of the police department.

A report also noted a party that took place where several officers and their families were inside of a hot tub. Hall’s top came off and many officers were drinking excessively, documents note.

The mayor has called the actions unacceptable and stated that employees will be re-trained in regards to guidelines and expectations.

Many have now called for community members to begin to assist with oversight of the police department.


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