6-Year-Old Critically Injured After Neighbor Beat Him With Baseball Bat


On September 11, close to 5 a.m., authorities in Williamson County, Texas, responded to a scene on Rock Mill Loop.

Documents show that Daniel Logan, 39, hit his mother with a baseball bat prior to making his way into his neighbor’s residence and hitting a 6-year-old, Jeremy, with the bat, too.

“I saw my 6-year-old laying in a pool of blood. He was hit in the back of his head, shattered the back of his skull into pieces. Now, I am just told by the ICU that he is not gonna make it,” said Arturo, Jeremy’s father.

Logan’s residence is located next to Arturo’s. Arturo has noted that he has lived in his home, in Georgetown, since 2014 and hasn’t had any problems prior to this.

Authorities still haven’t determined Logan’s motive. Right now, he has been charged with injury to a child and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a family member, both felonies.


  1. How heartbreaking for this family, i cant even imagine this happening. What is wrong with this world now? So much unnecessary violence especially towards poor helpless children. It all sickens me when reading about these things. I have children and constantly worry for them all the time.

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