7 Year Old North Texas Girl Dies in House Fire


A 7-year-old girl has passed after a fire started in her home, likely caused by a space heater.

The Braudeick family of 8, from Valley View, was sleeping inside their mobile home Thursday morning when a fire started inside.

According to Fox4, a relative says that the family keeps space heaters in every room to warm up the home since there is no central heat.

Without warning, a fire started in one of the rooms and quickly began to spread. One of the children, a 6-year-old boy, tried to alert everyone the best he could, however, 7-year-old Delena Zuniga was unable to make it out of her room.

Cooke County Volunteer Fire Fighters responded to the scene 12 minutes after being alerted. since the fire The little girl was pronounced deceased at the scene. Ray Fletcher, the Fire Marshal, says by that time, the fire was too intense.

The little girl’s father sustained severe burns trying to reach her but had no luck. She was pronounced deceased at the scene. Two of the boys also sustained burns to their foreheads and hands while the mom suffered smoke inhalation.

The family is being treated at Parkland Hospital’s Burn Unit.


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