Those Under 16 May Be Banned From Having Social Media Accounts


Lawmakers in Florida are reviewing a bill that would prohibit those under the age of 16 from using social media despite what their parents may say.

Although there still has to be a final vote on the matter, the bill has been criticized by many.

The proposed measure would ban children under 16 from creating social media accounts on sites like Facebook and TikTok. In addition to that, kids that already have an account must remove them or have them removed by the social media sites.

The bill would entail a requirement that sites like TikTok will have to utilize a third-party age verification system to check the ages of those who use the apps.

Some of the lawmakers have stated that being on social media sites can increase depression and mental disorders.

However, others say that it is dangerous and unconstitutional because it would prohibit kids from social media despite their parents’ opinion about their children visiting these sites.

The new proposed bill comes as the surgeon general issued a warning in May about the possible dangers of social media as it relates to the total well-being of kids and teens. This was followed up by saying that too much exposure to social media could lead to depression and anxiety.


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