71 Year Old Woman Sues Bank After They Accused Her Of Check Fraud And Denies Her Service


A Michigan woman is suing a bank after she was denied a savings account and accused of having a fraudulent check.

Lizzie Pugh, 71, received a check of over $12,000 when she hit big on a slot machine at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Wanting to open deposit the check, Pugh went to Fifth Third Bank in Livonia to open a savings account and store her money safely, however, she was denied by bank staff.

According to court documents, three white employees told the Detroit Public School retiree that her check was fraudulent and were withholding it.

Pugh demanded them to check again and when they insisted that it was fake, she asked them to call the police because she was not leaving without it. One of the bankers eventually gave it back to her but still denied her business.

She was able to go to a different bank and cash her check with no problems.

Following the incident, Pugh has hired an attorney and is suing Fifth Third Bank, N.A. and Fifth Third Financial Corporation.

In a response to the lawsuit, the corporation has denied all allegations and said there was no such incident that would warrant compensation for damages or other relief.

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