79 Year Old Man Arrested After Shooting Neighbor In The Head During Argument


A 79 year old Illinois man has been charged with two counts of murder after fatally shooting his neighbor earlier this month.

On April 25 officers arrested Ettore Lacchei from his home on the 40700 block of North Black Oak Avenue without incident.

Lacchei is accused of fatally shooting his 59 year old neighbor, William Martys, on April 12.

Apparently, Martys was outside using his leaf blower, in his own yard when him and Lacchei began to argue.

Lacchei then pulled out a handgun and shot Martys on the head.

Emergency crews responded and transported Martys to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

While at the scene authorities recovered the weapon they believe was used in the fatal shooting. They also spoke with neighbors that said this was not the two men’s first encounter and it wasn’t the first time they saw Lacchei pull out a weapon.

Lacchei remains in Lake County Jail.


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