85-Year-Old Grandfather Dies While Protecting Wife From Dog Attack


On Tuesday, an 85-year-old grandfather lost his life after he rescued his wife from a dog attack.

Relatives say that the incident occurred in the backyard of William Mundine’s residence when three dogs attempted to attack his wife and made her flee into their home in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Family members say that Mundine exited the home to get the dogs to leave when two pit bulls attacked him. Mundine was left with several wounds on his arms and legs.

On Wednesday, police pleaded for the public’s help in naming the owner of the dogs through social media posts. It included images of one of the dogs that was said to be involved in the attack.

“He was my hero. Thank God for him. He lived to be 85 years old. He’s been blessed. He is going to be missed,” stated Mundine’s wife, Betty.

At the same time, Mundine’s daughter expressed that her mother is overcome with grief.

“These dogs are just loose, and they’ve been on the loose for weeks,” she commented.

Relatives say that Mundine was taken to a medical facility in critical condition after not being able to escape the dogs as they came up to him in his backyard.

When authorities arrived to the home, an officer shot at one of the dogs to bring the attack to a stop. Afterwards, he was able to get ahold of the dog in a stable position.

The second dog was eventually taken under control, but the third dog was not immediately found.

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