9 Year Old Girl Struck By Dump Truck While Exiting School Bus


A 9 year old girl was struck by a dump truck while getting off the school bus Wednesday.
The incident happened around 4pm.
Troopers responded to an injury involving a pedestrian struck on Louisiana Highway 23 near Danos Lane.
Upon arrival they saw a school bus stopped in the northbound lane of LA Highway 23 with the stop signs extended and flashing lights activated.
They learned that a 9 year old girl was exiting the bus when a 1989 Ford dump truck failed to stop and struck the girl.

The man was later identified as Gregory Valentine,61 claims he served to hit the school bus and hit the young girl instead.
He was arrested and charged with negligent injuring, reckless operation of a vehicle, and driving with a suspended license.
The girl was transported to an area hospital in serious condition where she is expected to survive.



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