Mother Charged After Her 2-Year-Old Son Was Found Caged, Laying In ‘Human Feces


24-year-old Naesha Lumpkin, a mother in New York, is facing a child endangerment charge. This comes after her 2-year-old son was found caged in their residence.

On Thursday May 16, Lumpkin was apprehended after her son was discovered living in horrible conditions. He was also seen with wounds on his body.

The child had been found after a felony arrest warrant was executed for Lumpkin at her residence in Buffalo, on February 8. This was for a separate incident.

When they got to the residence to apprehend her, they discovered her 2- year-old son inside of a different bedroom. He had been in a makeshift cage, made out of a “playpen that was covered by a piece of a crib tied down on three sides to the top.”

It was added that there was not enough space in the cage for the young boy to “stand or exit the playpen.”

Inside the cage, trash and “fecal matter” were observed, and the fecal matter could also be seen strewn across the wall close to it.

“There was remains of food inside there. Bones from chicken wings. Bones or some sort of chicken bone. So, I mean it was something where you look at it and it was disgusting,” stated Trooper James O’Callaghan.

It was also reported that the child was soaked in urine, as well.

Child Protective Services and an AMR ambulance were summoned to the residence to provide medical assistance to the child. The toddler was then taken to a children’s hospital to receive treatment.

After a medical evaluation, the child was found to have had two fractured ribs that had been healing.

When Lumpkin was questioned about the child’s wounds, she is said to have stated that the boy fell down the stairs in late December or early January. She added that the toddler had been crying because of the incident. However, she did not get him medical assistance.

Lumpkin is set to appear in court again in June.

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  1. Now for the kid it’s very sad but the parent needs to be punished this is so sad if yall don’t want these kids take them to the fire station and be done but to abuse a child is really disgusting

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