81-Year-Old Man Shoots & Kills Uber Driver, Following Scam Call


81-year-old William Brock has been charged with murder after police say that he fatally shot a 60-year-old female Uber driver. The incident is said to have started with a scam phone call to Brock.

Brock, of South Charleston, Ohio, pleaded not guilty to the charge last week. He is being held on a $200,000 bond.

Brock contacted authorities on March 25 to say that he had shot a woman at his residence. He stated that he had thought that the woman, identified as Loletha Hall, was trying to rob him.

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered Hall lying on the ground after being shot several times. She was transported to a medical facility but succumbed to her wounds.

Brock told police that a man had contacted him and threatened him and his relatives. Authorities with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office stated that the call was a scam and was related to an incarcerated family member of Brock’s. The caller had demanded funds.

Detectives found out that the same scam caller had called Hall using the Uber app and requested that she pick up a package at Brock’s home. When Hall got to Brock’s residence and asked about the package, he retrieved a handgun and held the weapon up to her.

Reports indicate that Brock told Hall to tell him who the person was that had called him. He took Hall’s phone and wouldn’t allow her to leave. The woman did not have a weapon, authorities say.

When Hall tried to get into her car and leave the location, Brock shot her. They tussled at the door of her car, and he fired his weapon two more times at her. Brock then called police.

Court documents reveal that detectives reported that Hall was not a threat to Brock, and the shooting was not categorized as self-defense. They added that Hall had no connection to the scam caller.

An investigation into the scam call is ongoing. Additionally, Brock could be charged with additional offenses.

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