Houston Mother Leaves Young Children Home Alone For Multiple Days To Go On Cruise


29-year-old Lakesha Woods Williams is said to have left her kids by themselves for multiple days as she went on a cruise to Puerto Rico.

Authorities in Harris County, Texas, say that on April 4, Woods exited her high-rise apartment and caught a plane to Miami. But, she didn’t come back until multiple days later.

Neighbors contacted police after seeing the mother leave the home with suitcases but never returning.

Officers went to the home to do a welfare check on Tuesday and discovered Williams’s 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter at home by themselves.

It was noted that the apartment smelled of urine. Additionally, food and trash was seen spread throughout the residence.

At some point, the children disclosed to authorities that their mother had gone on a trip. They added that she had checked on them by using a webcam and a cell phone.

On Wednesday evening, Williams arrived back home, and at first, she had given false statements about her identity.

Once authorities saw that the children were healthy, they were released to the custody of their aunt.

Williams is facing a charge of abandoning a child with intent to return.

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