Woman Shocked After Her Husband Divorces Her To Be With Her Daughter


A woman has expressed her dismay after her former husband started a family with her daughter.

The woman, only known as Tiffany, had a three-year-old daughter when she met a man named Mark. He had told her that he wanted to take care of her daughter and build a family together. At the time, she felt so lucky, she reported.

“My life felt perfect. In 2010, I had a son with my husband. My life was then complete. I had two kids. A great husband. A house. A car. Nice job. Life was great,” said the unidentified 40-year-old American woman.

Tiffany had no idea that seven years later everything would hit the fan.

A little after her daughter’s 18th birthday, Mark stated that he wanted a divorce, all of a sudden.

“He told me that he was now in a relationship with my daughter and was leaving me for her,” Tiffany recalled.

“I couldn’t believe this. I couldn’t process it. I felt crushed, angry, disgusted, mad- every feeling that I can feel.”

“My now ex-husband never gave me creepy vibes, but if he got with my daughter when she was 18, I’m sure something had been going on while she was a minor.”

She added that her daughter didn’t see why she was so upset.

“She doesn’t see how it is wrong or gross. She doesn’t care about me. He doesn’t see an issue, too, obviously,” Tiffany said.

A year following that, the new couple were expecting a baby, and Tiffany chose not to communicate with them anymore.

She also said that her former husband is ok with not seeing their son as her son, who is 10, doesn’t understand why his dad and sister aren’t in his life.

It’s been four years since the occurrence, and Tiffany just found out that her 44-year-old former husband and 22-year-old daughter are expecting another baby.

“Her kids are my grandchildren, who also happen to be half-siblings with my son. How sick is that?! It’s disgusting. I’m still not over this. I don’t know how to get over this. I just want to move on,” she stated.


  1. This is so nasty and he a actual pedophile whether she was 18 or not and the daughter is ridiculous who does that to their mother


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