Update: A Suspect In The Shavon Randle Case Goes To Federal Court, Found Guilty


Darius Fields,27 went to federal court Tuesday for his weapons charge in the kidnapping and death of Shavon Randle.

Randle,13 was kidnapped last summer from Lancaster and later found murdered in a vacant Oakcliff home with Michael Titus,19. Although no one has been charged in the murders there are several suspects in custody.
Fields is one of the main suspects in the case and is facing charges of possession of a firearm while being a felon. Investigators say they have an indictment indicating Fields was trying to locate the missing teen and they also found an Ak-47 and ammunition in his Dallas hotel room and vehicle. They’ve also found and gathered several photos and videos from his cellphone of him carrying and firing guns.
Fields was found guilty and convicted of felony possession with a gun and aid and abetting a gun purchase. He is possibly facing up to 10 years in jail time.

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