A Woman Released From Quarantine In San Antonio Later Tested Positive For Coronavirus


A woman released from quarantine in San Antonio may have exposed several people before being brought back to isolation.
The woman was one of the many that came back from Wuhan, China a couple weeks ago in a State Department chartered flight and placed in isolation.
She was released Saturday after testing negative on two different test taken 24 hours apart.
After her release a sample came back with a weak positive and she was immediately brought back to isolation.
Officials believe the woman may have exposed a dozen people in a hotel upon her release.
CDC said in a statement that “At the time of discharge from the facility the parties was asymptomatic and met all of CDC’s criteria for release.”
San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg criticized the CDC for releasing the patient stating “The fact that the CDC allowed the public to be exposed to a patient with a positive COVID-19 reading is unacceptable. We will hold the CDC accountable to providing complete transparency for the public.”

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