ABC Uses Image Of Quavo Instead Of Takeoff In End-Of-The-Year Tribute


ABC News is receiving backlash after using an image of Quavo instead of Takeoff in a memorial tribute for the end of the year.

A two-hour special was featured on ABC News on Dec. 26, called The Year: 2022,which highlighted events that happened this year. During this time, they accidentally posted a picture of Quavo when highlighting the death of Takeoff.

This caused many social media users to express their dismay.

“…all black people don’t look the same, and y’all got this one wrong. The person in the picture is clearly, clearly @Quavonym. Do better,” one Twitter user wrote.

“ABC didn’t have anyone that knew which member of The Migos was Takeoff and which was Quavo? SMH,” someone else tweeted.

Since then ABC has released a statement.

“We apologize for the unfortunate error in a previous version of ‘The Year: 2022.’ It has been corrected,” they tweeted on Tuesday.

Takeoff was fatally shot on November 1, outside of a bowling alley in Houston, Texas.

Two men have been apprehended in relation to his death.

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