Abducted Teen Discovered Alive In Plastic Bag


Maria Angela Olguin was found naked, inside of a body bag, after going missing three days subsequent to being abducted. She was discovered in a landfill outside of Mexico City. What’s more, Olguin told authorities that she had been held in an unknown location with several other girls.

Olguin was said to have been abducted on Jan. 19 while she waited for her mother, near a restroom. This was close to a subway station in Mexico City. Her older sister, Elizabeth, disclosed that an unidentified man had taken the girl prior to going off into a crowd.

Detectives don’t have a suspect in the case, and camera footage of him isn’t clear and gives little information.

Another video that supposedly shows Olguin being kidnapped was released on Monday. It revealed what is thought to be Olguin, near a subway station when a man grabs her, and they go off behind a white minivan.

Three days after she was taken, Olguin was found on Jan. 22, in a black plastic bag, close to Mexico City. She wasn’t wearing any clothes, was disoriented, and her hands and feet were tied, authorities say. She was later transported to a hospital to receive medical attention.

It isn’t known why Olguin was kidnapped and then released. Furthermore, no arrests have been made in the case.

Relatives of Olguin reported that she is stable and still receiving medical attention.

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