Airbnb Apologizes And Removes ‘Slave Cabin Listing’


After a TikTok video circulated the internet, Airbnb has given an apology. They have also eliminated a listing that was called an “1830s Slave Cabin.”

Wynton Yates, an attorney from New Orleans, uploaded the video that has received over 2 million views. Yates criticized the “Panther Burn Cottage” property which is no longer listed as it was advertised as a bed and breakfast in Greenville, Mississippi.

Yates shared a description of the property known as “an 1830s Slave cabin from the extant Panther Burn Plantation to the south of Belmont.”

After the video gained so much attention, Airbnb acted.

“Properties that formerly house the enslaved have no place on Airbnb. We apologize for any trauma or grief created by the presence of this listing…we apologize that we didn’t act sooner..”

The company added that they will be removing other listings that are similar and will create new guidelines to address property related to slavery.

Screenshots of the recording also described the 4.97 stars property as a “tenant sharecroppers cabin.”

“The history of slavery in this country is constantly denied. Now, it’s being mocked by being turned into a luxurious vacation spot,” Yates added on TikTok.

The new owner of the listing, Brad Hauser, who took over last month, says that the property wasn’t a slave cabin but a doctor’s office. He added that the prior owner had decided to advertise it as ex-slave quarters which Hauser opposed.

The property is in the Belmont Plantation which is said to be the “antebellum mansion along the river in the Mississippi delta.”


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