Are Dallas County Inmates That Test Positive For The COVID-19 Virus Receiving Proper Medical Attention


A mother is worried after receiving word that her son tested positive for COVID-19 virus inside the Dallas County Jail.
The mother Pamela Bryant says she received a phone call from her son Patrell Bryant last night and he was having problems breathing and asking his mother could she get someone to help him.
She says she called to the jail and an officer assured her that they would have someone check on him.
Pamela says her son has asthma with no inhaler and she is worried for him.
Over 31 inmates have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus inside Dallas County.
A Federal lawsuit is currently pending from a group of Dallas inmates against Sheriff Marian Brown stating “they are not being protected enough and that they have tested positive for the virus and are not receiving the medical attention needed.


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