Are You A Side Chick? Well, We Have 11 Signs To Let You Know…


  1.  He only calls you during working hours when he is not at home. sidechick1
  2.  Nothing is ever spontaneous everything has to be planned.
  3.  He responds to phone calls with a text “IF” your call doesn’t go straight to voicemail.
  4.  You have never been to his home you don’t even know if it exists.
  5.  He always wants to come over to YOUR house. You guys rarely go out.sidechick2
  6.  He never spends the night
  7.  He has social media yet you guys are not friends and all of his pages are private.
  8.  You guys celebrate holidays AFTER the holiday.
  9.  He will not take pictures with you.
  10.  He cancels a lotsidechick4
  11.  You are never invited to his family functions yet he is always unable to spend time with you because he is at a family function.


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